Eye Have Found It

Eye Have Found It

I have struggled for a very long time with under eye bags, dark circles and all those lovely things around the eye area that make us look tired and unhealthy. Since I started working a bit further away from home, I have had to start waking up a lot earlier than before. Together with training, this just means that I get very little sleep. So I can’t blame my under eye skin for not cooperating.

I have looked into all the suggested remedies:

  1. Getting more sleep (working on that)
  2. Drinking plenty of water (already done)
  3. Staying away from alcohol (done)
  4. Exercise (definitely done)

And so on… I was up to the point of drastic measures. I had even thought of putting cucumbers on and around my eyes for a good week. So I decided to try a eye cream… Silly me thought buying an expensive, high end product would solve ALL my issues. This was not the good ending I was hoping for. Just because it cost a lot of money, did NOT mean that it fixed my problem.

I unfortunately have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. Not like the averageperson. My skin seems to hate everything that it touches. So I ended up with very red, broken and damaged (not to mention painful) patches underneath my eyes… Lovely. That was the moment I gave up on eye creams and just started working on my makeup skills to really just cover up the dark circles.

I was still unhappy because whenever I didn’t do the whole routine of cover up I looked like a walking zombie… Not very attractive. A good few months had passed. So I had read many reviews on eye creams. I couldn’t really find anyone who had experienced the same problem as me. However, I did find very mixed reviews on the Vitamin E eye cream by The Body Shop. I decided to take the risk and try again..

_DSC6434.jpgI love it! I have accepted that I will never completely get rid of those lovely “luxurious” handbags and dark circles underneath my eyes, but it has made things so much better. It smooths the skin, provides a softness, reduces the puffiness and just makes my sensitive under eye skin feel so moisturised. You can find it at most Body Shops or on their online store: VitaminE Eye Cream

I use it in the morning and at night before bed as part of my moisturising routine. It’s so affordable and I would definitely recommend it.

You can find it Here 

: )

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