Adidas Pure Boost Raw

Adidas Pure Boost Raw



I love how a pair of training shoes can just motivate you to get right back into the gym routine… I am pretty damn motivated!  Not only because these amazing shoes look so pretty and girly but also because they have solved a major issue for me…

I had been struggling to find a pair of proper training (cross-training/gymming) shoes for such a very long time.. Unfortunately I have quite wide feet..  It got so bad that I even had to go for that much, MUCH dreaded bunion operation a year ago. I had been putting it off for so long. I had actually not realized at the time how bad my bunions were for my age… They should not have been giving me so many hassles. So I went for the operation on the one foot. I was out of training for 3 months which upset me more than the actual pain of the procedure.

So after that long sob story I decided that I was not going to wear heels anymore and I was going to get a proper pair of training shoes… ANYTHING to avoid having to go through that painful operation again…  So I searched and I read and I just could not find a pair that ticked all the boxes. I thought that if someone on the internet advised on a pair that are “the best training shoes for bunions for women” then all my issues would be solved.

I decided to just go in and try a few on for myself. I kept in mind the suggestions of my Doctor and just went to try on… I knew which shoes to avoid – which unfortunately were SO many… I don’t know why all the big brands assume that all women have dainty, slim feet. I avoided anything that would press onto my bunions and restrict my feet in any way… So I picked the Adidas Pure Boost Raw (which just happened to be a very good looking shoe… in white and pink as well).

My “flipper feet” were in heaven. Nothing was pushing on them and restricting their movement. I secretly did half a squat in the store to feel how my feet felt – and that was the final box ticked. Bring on the squats and new years’ resolutions!




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